What’s the Fun-Fair?

This is an all-charity event where charities and non-profits create fun events in their booths and guests pay to participate, and help raise money for the charities. Our theme is “Having Fun Helping Others“. The Fun-Fair is managed by the Rotary Club of Swarthmore on behalf of Swarthmore Town Center, Inc.

There will be continuous entertainment on each of the three raised sound stages around the Village. Typically, 12 groups and individuals provide 3 hours of marvelous music, dance and acts throughout the Town Center.

From noon on, the Food Court will be serving a wide array of wonderful snacks and mouth-watering food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. Everything from pulled pork to Chinese to excellent deli offerings to good ol’ hot dawgs to pastries and more, nobody has to prepare Sunday dinner on Fun Fair Day!!

Who’s coming?

For the last few years it was estimated that as many as 6,000 people came to the Fun-Fair, many staying for the full 4 hours of the event, making it the largest event in the Village of Swarthmore.

Over 100 charities and non-profits in our region will be invited to have a booth. We have already received many enthusiastic responses from organizations which took part last year saying they plan to come again this year. Some of the Swarthmore merchants will participate with special sale items inside and outside their shops. Come one, come all!

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