Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

Our objective is to invite charities and non-profits which have any current or potential impact upon the citizens of the Borough of Swarthmore. We encourage everyone to check the list here and make suggestions about organizations we may have overlooked.

For a partial listing of organizations who have participated, click here.

In the last few years all participating charities benefited from much-increased visibility and awareness among the thousands of folks who attended the Fun-Fair, not to mention the fun they had as individuals in being part of a great day.

All of them learned, though, that the amount of money they were able to raise for their cause was in direct proportion to the imagination – even more so than the amount of effort – they put into doing something to draw participation and contributions from the crowd. One group raised over $3,000 during the 4 hours.  It all depends upon how much fun or other attention the charity generated in their booth space.

Participation and fun is the key.
Certainly handing out literature or other means of telling
your story is expected. But it is how much fun and excitement you offer which
will determine how much you and your charity take away in $$$.

In order to pay some of the costs associated with the Fun-Fair, each charity will pay $25 for booth space. The $25 for the booth space must be paid to the Rotary Club of Swarthmore before setting up your booth. You do that by going to the Rotary Information Booth on Myers Avenue beside Hobbes on the day of the Fun-Fair to get your booth location and pay your $25. Simple.

For more information about how your group can be a participating organization and successfully raise money for your good works, click on and fill in the Charity Registration Form and you will be contacted as soon as possible by one of the Swarthmore Rotary Club organizers to answer any questions you may have.

Have any questions ? Click here for the Charity Registration Form


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